Behind the Scenes: StyleJump Photoshoot.

26 Nov

By Alana Laverty

It was wet and miserable when we arrived at StyleJump headquarters. Rain was pouring down and the sea looked angry and wild. Perched, overlooking Dun Laoighaire bay, the studio was warm, and most importantly, dry.


The studio itself is charming. High ceilings, tall old fashioned windows and dark wooden floors. The walls are decorated with images of clothes, models and brands.


Everywhere you look in the studio there are gorgeous clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories.



StyleJump’s owner, Kelley Burke, welcomed us warmly to the studio and handed me the reigns to do as I pleased. As she was busy throughout the day she would give us thumbs up and brought us much needed coffees. She was really encouraging and complimentary all day.



For hair and makeup I kept things simple. Natural hair, minimal makeup and I just switched up what lipstick Lindsay wore to suit the look.

Look #1: The after-work drinks. 

This cerise Emporio Armani skirt is the central piece to this gorgeous outfit. The MAJE silk sequin jacket, worn back to front as a top, adds glamour to the outfit. Classic black pumps are an essential wardrobe staple, pop a clutch and you’re good to go!


MAJE Sequin jacket (worn as top), Louboutin shoes, Emporio Armani skirt, Harrods clutch.

Look #2: The Business Lunch.

It’s getting chillier by the day. Which means layers are crucial to stay warm. This is my favourite time of year in fashion terms, you can layer loads of different pieces, be really cosy but still look your best.

For this outfit I chose a high-waisted black leather DKNY skirt. High-waisted skirts, shorts and trousers are all great for winter as they keep you nice and warm. I dressed Lindsay in black shirt then, tucked into the skirt, and then popped a little jumper overtop. For accessories I chose some nice black gloves, this green Anne Klein bag and a pair of suede Louboutins.

Get the shirt, the shoes, the bag, the gloves, the skirt and the jumper.


Look #3: The Launch/Opening.

You’re going to the opening of a gallery, or the launch of a new restaurant. You want to look sophisticated and stylish. I always lean towards shoes, as the focal point of the outfit, or to tie the outfit all together. Shoes make an outfit. They complete it.

We fell in love with this blazer, which matches the skirt from Look #1. It’s such a vibrant cerise colour and the peplum detail is so flattering and feminine.  I paired it with this baby pink sequin top

The boots, the boots, the boots… Lindsay fell in love with these Brian Atwood thigh highs and I don’t blame her. They are stunning. Made from super soft suede, the boot’s heel is only 3 inches so not too high but still gives some height. Originally €750 these are now only €292 (!!!). Obsessed doesn’t even cover it.


DKNY sequin top, Karl Lagerfeld skirt, Emporio Armani blazer Brian Atwood boots.

Look #4: The-outfit-you-couldn’t-wear-everywhere-but-you-wish-you-could. 

So, I fell in love with this beret.

It isn’t the most versatile of hats but it is so fluffy and pretty. Looking around the studio for inspiration I found the Hermes scarf and loved how they went together. We tried a few things out and ended up with the cream-on-cream shirt and trouser combination. Popped on some Jimmy Choos and threw on the fur coat.

It shouldn’t work, but it really does. I love this look.


Jimmy Choo shoes, beret hat, fur jacket, Escada trousers blouse shirt.



Hermes scarf

Look #5: The Office.

This outfit does need no explanation. A shirt and a skirt. Simple and classic.


Prada skirt, DVF blouse.

IMG_3636      IMG_3643


Photography: Zane Bernharde & Alana Laverty/Stylist: Alana Laverty/

Hair and Makeup: Alana Laverty


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