Stella McCartney

14 Jun


”My job is to create beautiful things first and foremost.”

Stella Nina McCartney was born in London to ex-Beatle Paul McCartney and his wife Linda. She had a very normal childhood despite her family’s celebrity profile. They travelled a lot and after the demise of The Beatles and her parents band Wings the family moved to an organic farm in Sussex. They immersed themselves in country life, raising farm animals and growing vegetables. McCartney is now a very committed vegetarian like her late mother.

She is known as one of the most outspoken designers of her time. Her career was launched in 1995 when she asked two of her friends, supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, to model her clothes at her graduation from London’s Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design.

From there she won the VH1/Vogue Designer of the Year Award 2000. Two years later she was tapped to be head designer at fashion house Chloé. 2001 landed McCartney a joint venture with the Gucci Group. They let the young designer have her own label.

Some say her surname artificially accelerated her career. She quietly and quickly proved herself as a designer of great talent.

Stella-McCartney-Resort-Garden-Party-11_115349443772.jpg_carousel_parties stellar

McCartney calls herself an instinctive designer, ”I work on instinct. I absorb quick and react quickly”.

She gets very involved in her shows. When it comes to the music, she works very closely with DJs and tries to have fun. She wants the  people at her shows to have fun too. If a show during fashion week is on early in the morning she knows people will be tired and says ” I wanna lift people up. I don’t wanna bring people down”.

In 2014 Stella has been seen often with friends Rihanna, Kate Bosworth, Reese Witherspoon and supermodel Cara Delevgine. All wearing her designs. When it comes to choosing models for her clothing she says, ”I want girls who I want to be”. These ladies are cool. She likes them to ”have something”. She says they come in with unwashed hair, no makeup, last nights lipstick. They are unique and ‘real’.


She is a fashion designer with a twist. Stella McCartney is more than just a fashion brand: it is responsible with an ethical take on the industry. They are coming at it from a slightly different angle.  ”If I could shift the industry I would get them to be more responsible, to get them to think about more than just a pretty hand bag and a profit line”. She does not work with leather, fur or PVC. She works in a very conventional way.


She is a mother of 4 and says this impacts her life and her designs every day.

”We all have that moment in the morning where you’re too late and you reach for the old faithful pieces and for me I want to provide those for my customers. I want to have them available, season after season and I want them to be timeless and effortless at the highest quality, of the most beautiful quality.”

McCartney draws inspiration from ”anything”. From ”people”, ”interactions and little things that happen”. She could be riding her horses at the weekend, see a bluebell in a forest and get inspiration for a piece. It is the ”normal things that start a process”, ”subtle things that touch [her] heart”.

Stella McCartney trained to be a tailor. She worked mainly with men with very traditional, sharp and masculine suits. She loved it. But she also loves ” dusty colours, aged, delicate, femininity of soft, beautiful materials and prints.”

”I am a person of contrast. Between masculine and feminine. Trying to find the moment where they meet.”

McCartney, along with adidas, was Team Great Britain’s Creative Director for the 2012 Olympics


She is highly regarded throughout the fashion industry.


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