The Who’s Who of Racing Fashion

30 Apr

Gertude Shilling

                                                                                                                  Gertude Shilling

There are women who manage to define a whole movement in their lifetime. Gertrude Shilling, the grand old dame of racing, used to put milliners the world over in their place, with the gigantic creations she wore to Ascot. Her son David Shilling became a milliner at twelve – no doubt egging his mother on to balance his exaggerated creations of fancy on her head and shoulders. She wore his first design to Ascot in 1966. The evening papers lapped it up, and a thirty year partnership between mother and son were born. He cooked up the designs, she carried them off without managing to be booted out of the Royal enclosure at Ascot. The 1970s saw Gertrude bring a five-foot tall giraffe with her, followed by a three-foot wide daisy hat, and an apple with a four-foot arrow lanced through it. For Gertrude, bigger was always better, as she was named the ‘Ascot Mascot’ by fans and journalists.          Gertrude Shilling: Born March 3rd 1910 – Died October 13th 1999

Faith Almond

Faith Almond

No Best Dressed Lady enclosure in Ireland would be complete without the knowing presence of Carlow woman Faith Almond. A milliner and style consultant, Faith holds more Best Dressed Lady titles of any race goer in the country. Groomed to perfection with an understated style, Faith is unmissable and unmistakeable, with a hawk’s eye for detail. A prolific racegoer, you will spot her in the Best Dressed tents and Owners and Trainers at the racecourses around the country.


Brendan Courtney

Broadcaster, designer, journalist and social butterfly, Brendan Courtney can spot a dude from a dud, and has championed the crusade for equality in race day fashion. An avid dickey-bow wearer, Brendan has judged Ireland’s top Best Dressed Lady competitions, including the recent Irish Grand National at Fairyhouse, rewarding Prada and Penney’s in one fell swoop.


Anna Mott

This Aussie lady reached fame with two UK top ten hits in 1991 and 1992, she is now the editor of Australia’s leading racing fashion website,, founded in 2007.


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Becoming A Style Icon

Being a style icon takes a special eye to spot the perfect belt to go with a vintage frock, or knowing what colours will stand out at the Galway Races. Having attended racemeetings around the world in the last few years, here at StyleJump we’ve seen every sort of outfit going. So we have some very exciting news – our online store with a twist, will be launched during the Summer. Stay posted for more exciting details!


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