Racing and St Valentine’s Day

13 Feb



Red is the colour of racing. No wonder it’s so popular at Ladies Days. With horse racing, we think of the bloodstock. We think of red hunting jackets pelting across evergreen ditches on St Stephen’s Day.

Arguably we see red during the Grand National. It is the colour we associate with energy, sexuality and aggression. And of course it’s the most obvious choice when it comes to seeking a sexy little number to wow our other half and get his blood boiling on Valentine’s Day.

A red underwear set from Anne Summers on the other hand? Cheap, bright lace will spell disaster for most men, as nearly half of women say lingerie is not what they want on February 14th you to break away from the frilly knickers and bottles of whiskey to bring the excitement of the racetrack into your relationship.

Valentines Day Gifts for Him and Her

Any fans of racing can always find some way or another to bring the spirit of the chase into their lives. Men particularly love the chase – so ladies, always keep an air of mystique or play one card close to your chest.

For Her

From the top of your head to the bottom of your heart Guys, why not crown your princess with a bespoke piece of millinery? Having a hat made is much more personal than grabbing a lacey thong off the rack in a department store, and is a real test of how well you know your Mrs. Expect to pay anywhere between €200 – €500 for a hat off the shelf or designed.

Arnotts carry a range of hats if you’re short on time in the city centre, otherwise the creative community of milliners in Ireland is flourishing at the moment. Top milliners include:

Paving the way for comfort

So we all know the score. Wear uncomfortable heels, and unpinned hat or a too-sheer coat and any foot fatigue, wind strewn hair or goosebumps are your own cross to bear. Your woman knows that dressing for ladies days is never a comfortable affair, but one that she must make as comfortable as possible.

Gents, why not ride in on your handsome steed, and whisk your fair maiden off to the comfort and luxury of private dining and pavilion seating? Choose her favourite race meeting, and book two warm seats behind the shelter of cucumber sandwiches

Here at StyleJump, we want to encourage sandwiches and champagne. Seats at the Festival Pavillion at Punchestown start from €239.

For Him

Equality rarely has many downsides, and those that do exist we are reluctant to mention. But ladies, we are no longer fit to sit upon a pedestal and have floral offerings laid at our feet. We must also buy a Valentine’s gift for our men, if we expect to receive one back.

Mad as a hatter

The reluctance to wear anything other than a beanie cap, can no doubt be worn away as your dear man attends the races. A fine cap is not to be laughed at. John Shevlin is a master men’s milliner. Mad as a hatter, Shevlin took on the family business from his father, who fashioned the caps of the Aer Lingus air hostesses in the 1960s. People may be fooled for thinking you’re a necromancer who has rustled up Cary Grant to stand beside you at the parade ring if your man wears one of Shevlin’s hats. Available in Arnotts, a standard trilby starts at €80.


Your man would be as conceited as Warren Beatty stands accused in Carly Simon’s rendition of ‘You’re So Vain’, if his horse won. From Saratoga, to Galway and Ascot, race horse ownership is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the man who has it all. 10% shares are available from €2,900 from Winning Ways.


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