And the winner is….

24 Dec

Yvonne Doyle

Yvonne Doyle, wearing this vintage inspired look at Ladies Day at the Galway Races.

The tradition of dressing for ladies day at the races has a unique place in the hearts and minds of Irish women. We wanted to skip through the politics of judging at a racecourse and choose who we felt was the best dressed.  Every woman who sent us their picture had a beautiful outfit, and we were blown away by the eye for detail that our followers have.

We have spent most of this year racing, from Kilbeggan to Galway and The Curragh to Limerick – and have seen dozens of women whose outfit warranted a Best Dressed Lady award.

We were still talking about Yvonne’s outfit in December, as being our favourite of the whole year.  She has managed to still capture the essence of appropriate racewear, with a vintage twist. By choosing trousers over the traditional frock Yvonne took a risk – but a calculated one, and it paid off.

Her pink wristband tells us the judges had earmarked her for her style on the day in Galway, the most competitive Best Dressed Lady competition in the country.

There are flavours of Gatsby in this ensemble, without being fancy dress, with a drop waist and an embellished clutch. Yvonne set off the outfit with a Laura Kinsella headpiece and a pop of red lipstick.

Yvonne exudes a sort of natural glamour and style that no amount of fake tan and Elnett can recreate, and this ‘deconstructed’ and natural approach for us makes Yvonne StyleJump’s Best Dressed Lady of 2013.

Yvonne can contact us at to claim her prize, which includes an Annual Membership for Navan Racecourse, a weekend hotel break and couture millinery, and of course entry to all the racing she wants to attend in 2014 – courtesy of StyleJump.

© Copyright Fiona Sherlock 2013


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