Judges Insider Secrets for the Munster National in Limerick

23 Sep
Style is very objective. Compare Kate Middleton’s lace frock to Miley Cyrus’ beige shorts, and that much is evident. So when it comes to judging a best dressed competition, how do the judges all agree on who the lucky lady is?

We chatted to Karen Shanahan, the sales manager for Limerick Racecourse, who shared the judges’ top secret criteria for judging the competition at the Munster National on October 13th.

In relation to the criteria for the judges the guide lines would be :

  1. Limerick Races - 13th & 14th of October 21Style and originality
  2. Creativity – handmade items always impress the judges
  3. Appropriateness of the outfit for an autumn raceday and the individual
  4. Attention to detail with accessories
  5. Understanding and interpretation of the current fashion trends
  6. Grooming and deportment. Suitability of the outfit for the raceday.

“Instead of an open registration our judges will invite 60 ladies to take part in the competition and a final 10 shall be selected from this, out of this final ten shall the first, second and third prizes be awarded along with the best hat and best shoe / bag prize,” said Karen.

Judge Aisling Maher said  “Ladies days are an amazing opportunity to express yourself and your style, remember fashion belongs to the Inspired.  What I’ll be looking for is a lady that oozes elegance. This can be achieved through a vintage inspired look with a modern twist or by taking pieces from the high street and accessorising them in an interesting way. Also it’s an amazing opportunity to show off the many gifted Irish designers we have so support them as best you can ladies.”

“Ladies days celebrate your individual style and don’t forget to show it off. I love original looks and the accessories can really and truly make an outfit one of a kind.  It’s about the whole look ladies from head (or hat) to toe. Bon chance everyone,” she continued

Timetable for the day

1.50pm The judges will start looking around the parade ring for the 60 most stylish ladies, and hand them a wristband. The wristband will give these ladies access to the champagne area in the Munster Suite and a complimentary glass of bubbly.

2.20pm Isobel Boutique Fashion Show in the Panoramic Restaurant.

3.00pm-3.45pm The 60 selected ladies assemble in the Munster Suite and fill out the registration form, have their picture taken and enjoy a glass of bubbly. Judges will mingle through this area and pick their top 10 finalists.

4:00pm-4:30pm Judges  interview the 10 finalists on stage and ask them about their outfits, 10 finalists will each receive a goody bag.

4.20pm Winner, second and third place announced and best hat winner. Winner and 3 runners up to pose for photos.

5.15pm Winner, second  and third place, and Best hat competition judges and sponsors make their way to the parade ring for more photos. Judges to say a few words and congratulate the winner, speak on the style at Limerick etc. Winner of the Shiseido racecourse competition to be presented with prize by Judges.

© Copyright Fiona Sherlock 2013


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