Ladies Day In The Rain – A Survival Guide

31 Jul

Galway Races

Lisa Jordan at Fairyhouse

Lisa Jordan at Fairyhouse

 Latest weather forecast from Met Eireann for tomorrow is  “Tomorrow, Thursday will be wet with some heavy or thundery rain and a risk of flooding. Highest temperatures of 18-20 degrees Celsius. It will be mild and humid with moderate southerly winds.”

Thunder, lightening and plenty of drizzle, well it wouldn’t be unlike Galway if there wasn’t a drizzle of rain, but don’t let it dampen your spirits.
You may have been planning your outfit for weeks or even months, but mother nature may have different sartorial demands to make of you.
We’ve put together a handy guide of things to get you through the downpours on the track


It may go without saying, but a rainy day is one where a good, strong umbrella becomes an essential part of your attire.

Ditch your normal daytime handbag brolly in favour of a large and sturdy one. If you can, dig out a nice colourful umbrella to stand out from the crowd somewhat. If you can’t find a nicely designed one (they’re sure to be in short supply on the eve of Ladies Day) dig around your dad’s jeep for one of those big golfing umbrellas, i.e. sponsored by Jameson etc. It’s better to keep your whole self dry.

Before you leave in the morning, practise putting your umbrella up and down whilst wearing your hat, so you can highlight any potential pitfalls that might come with a random downpour.

Your brolly will also serve as an aide to comfort feet which are beheeled all day.


Rainy and humid temperature will inflame your lovely locks, so add in some Frizzease to your beauty ritual in the morning.

Shelter From The Storm

If a downpour really starts, you’ll probably just leg it into the closest doorway. If this happens be aware of any potential weak points in your outfit which could get torn in a stampede and protect them.

If it rains for the day, flash your biggest grin and gracefully chance your arm in the Owners and Trainers bar for a warming drop of sherry.

Pity those Fianna Fail tents are gone, eh?


Yes, holding an umbrella during a thunderstorm can make you an attractive target for lightening, but don’t worry about it too much. Your chances of being hit are one in 500,000. Wet sinamay may prove far more distressing in the short term.


Hunter WelliesOk, so wellies are really not the solution you want to hear. But, if it’s lashing all day and you can be wet, cold and glamorous, or slightly damp, less glamourous but enjoying yourself, it could be the right call to make to stick a pair in the car. You are in Galway after all!


Same applies as wellies. Definitely not the ideal situation, but hey, it could be fun! It’s one of those things that you’re so glad once you do.


When all is said and done, the weather could split the stones and leave you with a rake of rainy weather paraphernalia, so stick on some sunblock just in case.


Nude and white shoes will attract mud and dirt. Better off wearing a strong colour than looking like Katie Price at a car boot sale.


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