Crowdfunding Milliner on a Mission to Show in London

14 Jul
Triona McCarthy wearing Sarah McGahon's piece.

Triona McCarthy wearing Sarah McGahon’s piece.

Having already made hats for Lady Gaga, Kylie and Amy Huberman, Bray-bred milliner Sarah McGahon is on a mission to grow her chapeau market by taking the horse to France (taking her collection to London).

With many Irish milliners trying to grow their businesses in a small market, led by weddings and Ladies Days, many of our followers and fans will be curious to see how she gets on.

Crowd-funding is a recent phenomenon, often favoured by artists and creatives to raise funds and investment for a new project fromt he public, who receive certain goods or services in return.

She said “The hat market in Ireland is small and the opportunities for inspiration limited.  I am excited by the possibilities of travelling to London and attending the Fashion Trade Show to see the standard of work in other markets, raise my own profile, expand my market, and fuel my inspiration for future collections.  As well as the Trade Show, I will visit Independent Boutiques and Department stores to show off my work and raise awareness.”

For as little as €10 you can help her on her way!


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