Bag A Man At The Races

24 Apr
Anonymous AdviceAll the single ladies, put yo hands up…to the tote!
Our in-house anonymous lothario shares his top tips for single ladies heading to Punchestown.

Well, you’ve probably spent a fortune beautifying yourself during the week – so it would be a shame not to throw out the vibes at a jockey, trainer or generally well put together gentleman at Punchestown this weekend.


Let’s face it the lads will probably be having a few beers throughout the day, so the key is to get in early while they are still able to string a reasonably coherent conversation together. At least at this stage you will be able to gauge if they have anything interesting to say for themselves.

Now, a true lady obviously doesn’t go tearing around the paddock chatting to every guy she sees, but there are a few subtle ways in which to engage in harmless chat or banter with a chap you might have spotted in a rather fetching blazer.


Strategic positioning is crucial as any pack of males worth their salt will tell you. A good table in around the bar is obviously a no brainer.

But make sure to sit as little as possible. Standing shows you are having fun and are open to approach. Good eye contact is always important.


Guys are attracted to chirpy girls so make sure you look like you are having fun – even if it is a bit chilly and those stilts are making themselves felt.

Now, the biggest thing is don’t be afraid to start the conversation if an opportunity arises. It is the 21st century so guys don’t mind being engaged in chat if it doesn’t seem to obvious.

Possible ice-breakers:

  • “Any tips in the 4.05?”  
  • “Do you know where the champagne tent is?”
  • “Do you know who’s offering the best odds? 

And the old reliable, going for a cigarette and ask for a lighter, even though you know the one in your “clitch” or “clasp” or whatever you call it works perfectly fine! This one has worked throughout the ages apparently used by cave women to light fires in prehistoric times, even though they had perfectly good flint and foliage available. You can’t beat a classic!

Icebreakers to avoid:

  • “Where are the jacks?”
  • “Quick, grab my hat before it blows into the muck!”

Oh and lastly get his number or give yours before they leave on the bus back to Dublin. That promised meet up the Shelbourne is highly unlikely when his mates drag him to Coppers instead.


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