Capel Street’s New Sibling, review of brother hubbard cafe

18 May
Brother Hubbard Sink of Refreshment

Brother Hubbard Sink of Refreshment

Looking somewhere between an Amish community hall, and a minimalist nightclub, Capel St’s newest eatery brother hubbard has with a hipstery typeface and a thoughtful staff.

After opening in March, the tweeting staff began with coffees and sweet treats, with the introduction of a full-blown lunch menu in recent weeks.

Word has got out fast amongst the suited and booted of the Capel Building, with a lunchtime wait to rival Shanahans in 2005. With the kind of staff who hand out water and big smiles, there’s plenty to drink in when waiting for a little pew.

Brother Hubbard Scones

This place is really thoughtfully decked out, with an old enamel Belfast sink full of ice playing home to the freshly-pressed juices, and they use an iPad for a till.

So, the eats themselves. I had a triple mixed salad (€6.50), with chilli-seared garlic, giant couscous and deep green spinach and bulgar wheat. You can taste the freshness, and quality of these ingredients, and for a salad with no meat (you can add some in) there’s a great balance of flavor and variety within the simply branded cardboard box with Brother’s signature dog stamped.

The salad also came with some sourdough bread and Brother’s ‘Special’ sauce, a fluorescent pink fishy concoction, with real tang and bite.

Brother Hubbard Water Refreshment

Brother Hubbard are definitely following the great quality food cooked simply plan,  with a strong social media campaign and imaginative branding. They could be the cafe equivalent to Skinflint or Crackbird.

With great simple and tasty food, I will be back . They have plans to extend seating into their courtyard for the summer, with tell of a 100% edible garden!

brother hubbard

153 Capel St., Dublin 1



Mon-Fri  8am-6pm, Sat 11am – 5pm


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